This is why we were such slackers...

I apologize about the non posting on Thursday and Friday. It was a busy weekend and the blog got a little neglected. I spent all day Thursday packing, running errands, and double checking the million lists I made for our wedding on Saturday. It was in Roxboro, so we set up at my in-laws house in Durham so that we only had a 30 minute commute as opposed to over an hour from my house. What that meant was I had to make sure I had everything ready on Thursday. I seriously made a thousand different lists and kept double checking that I have everything. It all went perfectly and for once we weren't super rushed on Saturday. I think starting Thursday night was helpful.

We have been planning this wedding for awhile and I was a little sad to see it come and go. It is probably one of my absolute favorite wedding designs we have done. It was so awesome! Here are a few preview pics..

About 6 months before the wedding - the garage where we were having half the reception burned down!! Here is the aftermath 

They rebuilt it in time and did a pretty darn good job!

The inside

The other side

Looking out to where the tent will be..

The garage

Leading out into the tent
This was the most time consuming part! It took almost 3 days to finish. We did not get back home until after 1am every single night - we were just a little bit tired! It took almost 200 yds of fabric, about a box of safety pins, 6 boxes of thumbtacks, 120 yds of purple tulle, 4 strings of lights, fishing wire, and some serious trouble shooting. Thursday night we re did the first half three times until we finally figured out how to make it perfect. The bride and groom were more than thrilled and we were so happy that it turned out so well! It was seriously magical. 

Here are some detail shots of the rest of the wedding..
Head table centerpieces

Gift table

One of the centerpieces. The boxes were made by her dad and we arranged all the flowers. It was such a fun centerpiece! It had about a dozen different flowers! 

On the walk up from the ceremony - her mom decorated hay bales  starting with baby/toddler years up until their engagement

Old tractor

Ceremony site - it was a BEAUTIFUL day!!

Popcorn bar by Swank Sweets. It was a huge hit! Everyone loved it!!  The door was one of the few things that survived the fire.
More pics to come!!