Family Fun!

Happy Monday...if such a thing exists! Remarkably, we had this past weekend off! It was so nice to plan a few family activities and just have some down time together....I even got to finish the first book in "Game of Thrones"....I know, I is only a mere dent in the series...but still an accomplishment non-the-less.

Dana had her 10 year high school reunion, so I will let her tell you all about that! We went to Smith Farms for family day on Saturday. As we were driving over, Mason was saying "I love family time, I love it when we are all together!" I love it too baby! It seems like it never happens when we are in the middle of wedding season, so I really savor it when we do have that time!

When we got there, we got stuck on the swing set for quite a long time.....didn't even have to pay to use that, I was considering saving my 20 dollars! At last, we made it in! There was a fire truck, which Nora was enamored with, a hay ride, a corn maze, a bouncy house, and animals to feed! The kids had a blast....the weather could not be prettier, and we got to eat Hot Dogs to boot! It could not have been more perfect...and culminated in a nap! (told you ...perfect!)
In The Fire Truck....Nora would NOT wear the hat!
More Swinging!
Corn Maze....Nora was the line leader and decided every turn we should make!