Business and Sleep Don't Mix!

This is a hard lesson to learn and implement! I need sleep....Dana DEFINITELY needs sleep....but sometimes it is just not an option! There are times when there are not enough hours in the day to complete the work we have been contracted to do and the ONLY option is to work through the night. Let me tell you...we really try not to use this as an option as it takes days to recover...I have no idea how I did this in college, but sometimes we have no choice!

Two weekends in a row we have pulled all nighters....that second Sunday was brutal! It was Dana that helped to get me through...she is good for that...she has this great ability to look beyond how she feels and just get the work done so as not to be stressed the next day. My procrastinating self wants to push it off to the next day and wake up super early and get it done! I think we balance each other out nicely...I know when to call it and she knows when to push through!

That is not to say it is always the most polite environment at 2 am...I think Dana looked at me at some point last weekend and said " I am in no mood Courtney!" ....I couldn't stop laughing (that is how I handle sleep deprivation)!

It all stems back to those work ethic conversations you had with your mother/father about doing what you say you are going to do, no matter what! If you are a 9-5 kinda guy or gal then business ownership is not for you! There are times when the best laid plans go awry and to fulfill your contracts you have to sacrifice a bit of yourself....and your sleep!