Bestest "Broomsmen" Ever!

This past weekend we had a bride and groom that went to Harvard together. They had several mutual friends and they all happened to be male. So instead of the typical bridesmaids/groomsmen they had a hybrid variety that they coined "broomsmen." This was the best and goofiest group of guys! They were so helpful and fun! They took all of my bossing and teasing like champs!

The Broomsmen

When I first arrived at the ceremony site for the rehearsal, I quickly realized that the benches were set in the worn location....about 20 feet from where we had intended it to be. The broomsmen quickly stepped up to the plate and volunteered to come in the morning and move them where they should be!

The next morning was a bit of a time squeeze to I gave each of them a piece of chalk and put them in charge of the chalk hearts leading from  the parking lot to the ceremony site.Granted some of these hearts had faces and a few were alienesque but the job got done and the photographer was there to document it!

After this task, one of the Groom's Aunts asked them to fill cones with dried lavender to be tossed at the newly married couple upon completion of their vows! This inspired conversations about ratios/bench sizes and how to incentivize people to move closer to the front and logically which 4 seats should be without instructions, etc....This was an over 20 minute process and hilarious to overhear! I finally asked how many Harvard graduates does it take to fill lavender cones and distribute them equally...the answer was 6!

They came up with this pose on their own...