A Day at a Time!

Sometimes when I look at the yahoo calendar for the month I immediately start sweating and get anxious about how it is all going to get done....How much time I will miss with the kids.....How I can survive on 3 - 4 hours of sleep! It stresses me out, like give me a Xanax type of stress. I even know it is coming, and to a certain extent I am in charge of making my own schedule...but it is still stressful!

This happens to me two times a year...as NC has 2 distinct and very busy wedding seasons. One is from April til the end of June and the other (busier) one is from September til Thanksgiving. It is like this every year so it is not shock that I feel....In fact I think I am more nervous because I have walked through it so many times I know what to expect and how I will feel on the other side of it!

This is when I have to stop and tell myself one day at a time...or may be week at a time really. Just focus on the event that it right in front of you and make it the best day ever for your clients! Whatever that takes...plan on that..let the rest go. I steal a few moments with the kids and really concentrate on them when I have down time and they are awake...I don't focus on the lack of sleep...at some point during every event adrenaline will kick in and get you through! At some point, like today, I realize how stressed I was last weekend and reflect on how well it went and it hits me that I can do this...I will make it through this wedding season and actually start to feel myself enjoying it!

Chomp, Chomp!

I think in every career it can be overwhelming at times when you look at the big picture, the whole month, or like the fact that we have like 13 events in 7 weeks...Scale it back, I have two events this weekend. period.