Why I will win this little contest..

Hey there! So last week Courtney shared her vision for her refashioned outfit. It is now my turn to explain why I am going to succeed in finally beating my big sister.

Here is what I am working with:
I found the skirt at my local Goodwill and instantly snatched it up. Not only is it my size, but it is super cute! I then proceeded to spend an hour - AN HOUR - trying to find something that I could use to make it all come together on the top. I wanted color, but it looked funny, and truth be told I am scared of color - I am a neutral kind of girl. So I settled for a black top. Which ended up taking me just as long to find a black that was not washed out - I mean they were donated for a reason, right? But, eventually I found one that looked fairly new and headed home to play with what I got. On the way home I remembered that I had a cream lace top that I have pretty much thrown to the back of the closet never to wear again and figured it would be the perfect extra pop to the outfit. I called Courtney to make sure we could use old pieces from our closet - don't let Courtney fool you - she had her MIL come help her sew :) And we agreed that it was fine to use a piece from our closet.

Here is what I am thinking...
I am going to make this little beauty out of upholstery fabric - wish me luck!

The shape of the top like this. It easy to make and takes minimal sewing knowledge - right up my alley!
I am still thinking on the jewelry. I know what you are thinking - we are running out of time!! Yes, I know but I need another trip out and that seems rather difficult between work and kiddos, so I may be playing it close - good thing I am not on Project Runway (total side note: did you not love all the dresses last week!?! I am so glad no one went home!). Any who - that is my vision for this little outfit and I think it is going to turn out super cute! Stay tuned next week for the reveal of our outfits and your chance to vote for whose is the best!