The Big Reveal!

Good Morning Everyone! We hope everyone had a great weekend relaxing and to all the newlyweds out there - Congratulations! We had the privilege of directing Jessica and Sean's wedding this weekend and it was such a great time! Awesome guests and an even more awesome couple. We will post pics as soon as we get them.

Now here is the moment I know that you all have been DIEING for! The big reveal. We wore our re purposed outfits to the rehearsal on Friday and I think we were both pleasantly surprised at how they turned out. Drum roll please....

Remember: We had $20 and could only use items from Goodwill and the craft store.

Courtney's before:

all goodwill finds!
Courtney's after:
remember: everything is re purposed (other than the shoes) or created. She turned her shirt and skirt into a dress and  made a leather cuff bracelet with gold hoop earrings. 
Dana's Before:

Skirt and black shirt was from goodwill, and white shirt from the depths of her closet :)

Dana's After: 
She sewed the black and white together, dyed it black, and made new straps. She also made a belt and the necklace

Us together:

I think we both had a really good time with this challenge! Now, here is where we need your help! At the top right of the page, there is a poll - vote for who you think had the best outfit and we will announce the winner next Monday!  

What will we win? Oh, just bragging rights. Which for sisters, that is more than enough of a reward :)

PS - be on the lookout for our Friday posts on the DIY of each outfit and accessories.