Patience? Oh where have you gone?

Patience. I hate this word. It makes me think of my mom telling me to "be patient" for a toy, food, or just her attention. I say it often to my own kiddos and cringe when I do thinking that I sound like my mother! But yes, patience is a virtue. An annoying one, but a good one. We used to have lots of patience. Our business grew organically without us putting a dime into it. It took years and some freebies to get us to where we are. The funny thing is, we never anxiously awaited the next year. We never looked at our business and said, "I wish we were here already." We just patiently waited, knowing that when the time was right, we would boom and we would be right where we were suppose to be. We had loads of patience.

Now, I wonder where our patience has gone. I can't seem to find it anywhere! I am soo ready to move on and start this next venture. It feels like we have been sitting here waiting forever. And it will be a year next month from when we started the actual process. It has not been THAT long - but long enough to be annoyed that we aren't there yet - heck we haven't even started construction. I was whining to my husband about it the other night and he just reminded me how we got here. It was natural and easy - things clicked, jobs led to big clients, and our name became one that people knew. It was by doing our job well, shining in our personalities, and loving what we do. It was not us trying to cram a square into a round hole or giving ourselves ultimatums and dead lines - we just loved what we did and people saw that and wanted to hire us.

Patience he said. You have to be Patient! I rolled my eyes at him. But he was right (how many times will I say that?? It is on record people!). We do have to be patient. Our timeline is off waiting on the house to sell and we could jump start things, start moving, and start trying to make things work. But it is not as natural as our original plan. Now, we are on plan ZZ, but it is a good one, a well thought out one, and honestly the safest for all of our families. And it is what we should do, maybe not what we want to do. All we need is a little bit of patience.