Business Lesson: Response Time Matters!

Quick little lesson here today about response time! I have noticed....especially in this industry, that it really matters how much time you take to respond! Weddings can be stressful and a part of good customer service as a wedding planner is putting those questions to rest by answering emails quickly! Now...we have not always been good at fact the only negative feedback we have ever gotten from a client was on response time. We took note, acquired an Iphone, and changed all of that!

This lesson also applies to drumming up business. Whenever we get an inquiry we try to respond the same day! We have lost the opportunity to meet potential clients by taking too long to respond in the past. Many times people fill out various forms/contact us pages and wait to hear back for the various companies...they are only going to engage/meet the first couple that respond to their inquiry. While they may fill out 10 forms...they certainly are not going to meet with 10 want to be in the top 3!

All of this to say....while it may seem elementary to can be crucial to the success of a business! Potential clients want to know that you are eager to serve and help in any way that you can and the first way you show them this is to respond quickly to their inquiries!

Game Changer!