Why I Will Win THE Challenge

That's right....I have this in the bag! What competition you say??? Well it is described in great detail here! You can play along too if you would like to flex your creative muscles...It has actually been a lot of fun...So much that Dana (who is going to lose) wants to make it a rather steady thing...so back to the thrift store we go!

I found these items at my local GCF and have spent 10.00 of my 20.00 dollars. My dress is complete and I just need to make my accessories for the outfit! You will have to wait until reveal day to see my finished product, but until then I will show you what I'm working with!

Here are my finds all together! That belt was only 1.39!

Just a regular button down....it was a little snug  across the top. 

My starting point! I loved the color, fabric, and construction of this skirt...at some point it was expensive!