Helping the Princesses!

This could also be called "Kids Say the Cutest Things!" My three year old tells everyone that his Mommy helps the princesses. I am not sure if he knows exactly what I help them do, he just knows that royalty is involved! This line of thinking was confirmed one week when I had to drop off a Bridal Portrait bouquet to a "princess" and decided to take Mason along with me. Not only was the bride there in her wedding dress ready to take pictures; but her venue was the Barclay Villa in Angier.....Which essentially looks like a castle in the middle of Johnston County!

A little blurry....but you get the idea!
He was enamored! Loved looking at that princess....told her how Beautiful she was...wondered where the prince was hiding! I think it confirmed all of things he believed about my job! That was quite a while ago and to this day whenever I am working on a project, making arrangements, or sewing something for one of my brides....he says " Mommy is that for the princess?" "Yes sweetie....yes it is!"