Doing it all

I can do everything - plan, design, strategize, market, accounting, web design, advertising, coordinating, arrange flowers - what can't I do?

I am super woman!
Being a small business owner, you wear lots and lots of hats (well actually I don't wear any REAL hats - I mean it is not my best look, but that is a different topic for a different day). Courtney and I have to do everything and sometimes we aren't the best at it. For example - Courtney is MUCH better at the business side of things, logistics, and actually making us money. I am better at organizing, advertising, and planning. We are both pretty equal on the design department, although I do think she has a better eye for some things. However, right now, I have to do the accounting and a lot of the day to day stuff that I am not that great at. But it is where we are. 

We both have to do it all. There will come a day when we can split jobs, we only have to wear a few hats instead of 100 - we can do our strengths and pass off the "weakness" to another. We can hire employees!! Oh the joy of an office manager! But for now, we have to be superwoman. We have to realize our weaknesses and let the other speak up and give advice in situations. Just last week Courtney pointed out a situation where I was not being my best and that I needed to step it up. It is hard to hear sometimes, but I am not perfect - in fact I am not super woman. I can do it all, but can I do it all perfectly

No. And that is where a beautiful partnership comes in. One to pick up the slack, to bounce ideas off of, to hold each other accountable to our work ethic and our vision. It helps that we are sisters - that we can speak in various clicks and grunts and understand one another. We also can yell, lash out, whine, and complain and the other just roll over and take it. Swallowing your pride is the hardest lesson I had to learn. I thought that I was able to do everything, perfectly and better than the next person. Reality hit me hard this year when we boomed and got so busy that my weaknesses starting poking through. I have learned to take constructive criticism, to appreciate the "good job" and "you did well" and not just downgrade my successes. 

We would be nowhere if it wasn't for the other. Together, we can do it all. Together, we can be successful, and together we can climb this mountain and achieve our dreams. So here is a hearty Thank You to my sister, my best friend, and my business partner - I couldn't be climbing this mountain with out you!