DIY: Kid's backpack

Ada started preschool this past month and I wanted to make it as special as I could for her. We have been talking for months about "going to school." We started with everyone going to school and eventually talked about how Ada was going without mommy and daddy and that we would be back to pick her up. We made up Princess Ada going to School and she latched on to the idea very well. In all of our conversations she was most excited about getting to bring her back pack (pack, pack, pack).

Open House came and we were told only small bags, no back packs of the normal size. Crap. So, I told her we were going to the store to get a special bag just for school! Isn't that great (in my best excited voice). And she was all for it. We went to Target and found a Dora bag that was the right size, but I couldn't stomach the price tag for something that was not really being used. I admitted that we were not going to get a bag and she was crushed. I felt really bad because I had promised her that she could bring a bag to school. I gave in and decided to make one even though I had one night to get it done. We went to the sale kid section and I had her pick out her favorite shirt and she ended up picking a bathing suit cover up.

18 months on sale for $5
 Step 1: Rip out top seam with a seam ripper

This is what you are left with
 Step 2: Cut off strap. I ripped the first seam so that I could have an extra inch of strap. I had to cut this part because it was surged together.

Try to get as close to the seam as possible
Step 3: Square it up a bit. So this was the toughest part, honestly. I am terrible at squaring, but the shape was more triangular and it looked funny when I had her try it out, so I straightened up the sides a bit. You can see it took me a few tries to get the right line!

Sew on the straight line and trim the excess
 Step 4: Try out the straps. I found that I needed to add about another strap length to make it hang right

Step 5: Add 4 inches (or how much you needed) of fabric. I sewed the seams together and turned it right side out like a tube. The straps that came with the cover up were hollow and not sewn shut, so I inserted the white tube and sewed it to the original strap

Step 6: Pin and try on the kiddo

Step 7: Sew the strap on top and where you pinned 

 Step 8: Turn inside out and sew the bottom shut
 Step 9: Done! Voila!

I did add a little ribbon to tie it closed at the top 

She loved it! 

So did Henry :)

All in all an easy project that took about 30 minutes and $5! Happy Friday everyone!