DIY: Celtic knot head band

I saw this little cutie a few weeks ago and was instantly inspired to try it!

Super cute, right? Well, yes, ON A BABY! So I had this leftover fabric from a scarf that I was going to make a few years ago and it has just been sitting in my office collecting dust, so I figured, hey, this looks easy! And it is, but this kind of fabric and this amount of fabric on an adult looks kind of like a turban. In fact, my nephew asked me what it was as I was putting it in my hair and I told him a headband. He promptly responded with "that looks so silly!" And yes, yes, it did. So I got to thinking, how can I make this better?

And this is what I came up with..

  • Jersey knit - approx. 4 inches by 30 inches
  • Sewing Machine
  • Safety pin

Step 1: Cut the fabric into 4" by 17" rectangles (their should be two). Fold it over and sew seam on to close it up.

Step 2: Trim - this will make it much easier to turn right side out

Step 3: Attach a safety pin to one side

Step 4: Push the safety pin inside and start pulling up on the fabric

Once you get it a little bunched, start pulling the safety pin, it should start moving down the fabric

Once it comes through, take the safety pin out and pull all the way through

Step 5: Tie the knot
Starting point 

Place top left under the loop

Here's the tricky part: Take the top right and place it over the right part of the loop, under the piece that you just placed under the loop and back over the top left of the loop - shew! 

Pull ever so lightly until you get the size you want 

Ta da!
 Step 6: Mark where you want to sew the ends, and sew the respective ends together. Jersey stretches, so I made mine a little tight so that it will stay once in my hair

Step7: Cut the ends and you are done! Some tutorials have you keep it long and you can tie it, that is fine too. I just don't like that look for me.