C and D Events....Catering??

So this Monday morning I am sore...and a bit tired! We had a wedding this past weekend (Custest wedding ever by the way) at a barn in rural Chapel Hill. It was a super sweet family and the bride had two sisters and a brother that were all in the wedding party. You could tell they were all super close and actually friends as opposed to just related. Everybody pitched in to plan and set up the wedding. We were hired to direct the day and make sure that the food stayed replenished as it ran low (the bride and her family provided all the food from Costco).

When we got there on Saturday, we realized that the job may be a bit bigger than we had anticipated....we needed to cook several items, chop, and plate all the food...this stressed Dana out to no end (what doesn't though..j/k....sort of) We warmed up the two ovens and came up with a cooking/warming plan and proceeded to cook/chop/plate....

Dana did a great job manning the kitchen! All food was warm and never ran low, the presentation was nice and all the guests moved pretty quickly through the line! I was in charge of coordinating, busing, and the bar area (we made wine spritzers as well). We never stopped moving...seriously...never even had a break for a meal! But...we did it! I felt like we could have used another person just for busing purposes and Dana said she has never felt more disconnected from a wedding...but it all when off pretty smoothly given our limited staff!

I told my husband I was so proud of C and D that day! Maybe we can add caterer to our ever growing list of things we do! Dana said maybe not!

All of this to say You never know what you are capable of until you try! and I really appreciate my caterers now!