Wine is a Barrel Full of Fun!

Lately there seems to be a trend in wedding design toward what I will call 'Rustic Chic'. It incorporates some staple country items like mason jars or old apothecary glass with beautiful florals and modern colors. What you end up with is a fresh, modern, but decidedly cozy feel to your wedding. One particular item that seems to be on the 'must have' list when going for the 'Rustic Chic' wedding is the old wine barrel. We have a couple of brides that have requested these for their wedding...and let me tell you they are none too easy to find! One, they are huge (like 60 gallons huge) two, They are not cheap or readily least here in good ole' NC. We are determined to procure a few (6 to be exact) and fulfill our bride's vision!

How could you incorporate wine barrels into your decor'? I did a little Internet research to answer your question! enjoy...

You could use wine Barrels in the ceremony as Alter Pieces

Love this! You could use them as a Dessert or Drink station

Another Alter piece Idea

So Cute...and self-explanatory!

General decor or another Alter Piece

Love them all! What are your thoughts? Have you used wine barrels in a creative way lately? Know anyone in NC selling them?