Sometimes, you just have to laugh

Happy Monday everyone! Sorry about the lack of posting on Friday - it is totally my fault, it was on my to-do list before vacation and it just did not happen! After packing all night Wednesday, I just plum forgot about it. I have the memory of Dori from Finding Nemo. It is ridiculous.

Every year I go on a girl's weekend with my college buds to the beach. This year we invited our mommas and had all the kids with us. Traveling with 2 kiddos is no joke. Between the pack n play, beach toys, bumbo, and all the accessories that go with a 6 month old and 2.5 year old, we were packed to the gills!
This is what my car looked like!

We are back (got back in yesterday), the house is in disarray and I have not even unpacked the car! When I need something, I go out and get that particular bag, and leave the rest in there. I know, I know, I am soo lazy - but really I am just pooped! We are taking a family vacation in 2 weeks and I am contemplating just keeping it all packed - shhh don't tell!

Anywho - I stumbled upon this the other day:

I chuckled but didn't think anything of it until Saturday. We decided to go shopping since it was so ungodly hot and we had been exposed to the brutal sun enough in the past 2 days. I brought Ada and left Henry with my mom and Nikki brought Livi. We all climbed into the rockin' mini-van and headed on our way. Lindsey entertained Ada with lots of dancing and singing and then Ada passed out in her car seat. Slightly unusual. She is pretty much potty trained except when she is sleeping. I did not realize she was asleep, until we were almost there. When we got there, I realized she had peed - luckily I had brought a change of clothes. No worries. We shop for a little, go into J.Crew and start trying on some clothes. Livi has a blowout of the century. All wipes were used, and outfit change was needed and we had to enlist the help of the staff for a trash bag it was that bad. We go to lunch and Ada tells me she has to pee - I go to unclip her from the stroller and she peed - right there. She has not had an accident in about a month! And two in one day!! I had no more clothes, we had just ordered, and I could feel myself getting mad at Ada. I take her into the bathroom and we try to pee again and she just starts going on about her wet pants, and underwear, and how she had the BIG accident and that she was sorry she made me sad. I thought of the above quote and just chuckled. Yes, sometimes it is tough to keep your cool and it is so frustrating when they do something so unexpected, but you just have to roll with it. We go back out, and me and my friends all look at each other and just laugh at how far we have come. 6 years ago we would have never thought that we would be sitting in Atlanta Bread Co. talking about pee and poop and convincing a two year old to ignore her wet pants and just eat her PB&J. You have to just laugh..