Know your geography

Today's business lesson is one that my 8th grade history teacher would love. My 8th grade teacher was a nut - really I think he was just a hippy. He had long blonde hair, wore bell bottoms, and typically referred to his students as "dude" and "dudettes." He was cool - I liked him and his laid back attitude. He was insistent that by the time we got out of his class, we would know the top 200 countries in the world and where they were on a map. We were quizzed regularly on this and we had to draw (draw people!!) the continents and label the 200 countries in 20 minutes. I practiced religiously - I really wanted to get A's on these quizzes. He graded harder for each successive quiz and I was on the path to make A's on them all. We moved halfway through the year, so I never got to see how much better I actually got and then I promptly forgot all those 200 countries and to this day I can draw the continents, but not tell you where Madagascar is.

This is so me! 
This is a story that would have been helpful to know my NC geography. Before I begin - this was one of the best mistakes because I seriously loved this family! Anyways..

Last Spring/Summer, I got a call from a bride that wanted to book us for her July wedding. We chatted and connected well on the phone. She was still in school, so she was not able to meet. She asked if we traveled to Morrisville. Of course - why not? I mean it is like right down the road maybe 10 minutes. I was confused as to why she asked, but did not think anything of it and said, sure! She booked us and we put her on the calendar. About 2 months prior to her wedding, I contacted her to set up a final meeting and asked where she was coming from. She mentioned that she was home and off exit 23 (Huntersville). Odd - but still no red flags! This was in the midst of crazy wedding season so I put off responding for a day. It was the morning after a wedding and I walk downstairs and Court and Sam are talking about this wedding. And before I even had my coffee Court burst out that there is a Mooresville - near Charlotte!

Oh - well then all the pieces starting clicking together. Do you travel? Huntersville. I felt so silly!

Not a big deal, we do travel, but it was something we had not planned. I have family in Huntersville, but they were all out of town and we ended up staying in Charlotte. I was not upset by this for a few reasons: 1. It is actually quite entertaining to tell the story 2. This was such a fun wedding and I loved the family and couple - they were so sweet! 3. We got to go to IKEA!! Wahoo! and 4. We actually got a good amount of work done. So, yes, know your geography! We would have still taken on the bride, but would have planned a teensy bit better for the weekend. We are notorious for things like this..we have another story about this from last fall..stay tuned for next week!