Know Your Geography Part 2

So Dana shared with you about her Mooresville blunder last week and she is not alone in her status as "Geographically Challenged" I too fit in this category...probably not good for business!

Last year we had a bride that called us from Afghanistan (She was a pilot in the Air Force....I cool is that ?!) to ask about our Day of Service. She was having her wedding in the Outerbanks and needed someone to oversee and do a little set-up....right up our alley! I knew it would be a little travel seeing how it was a coastal wedding so I quoted her 150.00 in travel fees. She asked if we offered any military discounts and I thought....sure, why not....and gave her 50% of our travel fee.

Little did I know that the outerbanks was not like going to Wilmington! It is called the outerbanks for a is out there! When we finally google mapped the situation we realized that it was going to take almost 5 hours to get to her destination....which definitely required us to spend two nights in a hotel and would cost quite a bit in gas!

Dana ended up doing the wedding (because we had two that weekend) and come to find out 75.00 does not go far down there! We couldn't even stay one night for that...let alone drive and eat! So we picked the cheapest hotel we could find and sent pregnant Dana (with her pregnant assistant) down (or up... I am really not sure) to the 'Banks.'Well it is a good thing they had the forethought to bring their own bedding because she said the Hotel could not have been more disgusting....she said there was even blood dried on the walls! Guess she pulled the short straw there.....
So Beautiful! I can see why you would want to get married here...

Long story short....knowing where things are located and having a inkling about geography can be good for business....cleanliness...and possibly your safety!