DIY To Do List

Don't worry, we do have a good amount of DIY projects ahead of us! We have not had the time to invest in actually doing them, but we have a few table mockups coming up that will require us to actuallly do some projects - so stay tuned! For now, here is my personal DIY checklist..

Art/Framed Pictures
Adorable DIY Wall art--love it!
So cute!!
hearts folded in half with one side taped down in a circular pattern. Would be cute as a picture
I really love this idea for the kid's room. So cute! And such a fun project I can do with Ms. Ada Jane 

celtic knot head band
Not for a baby..but for me! It think this is a super cute look for running around doing errands and what not

Hairband anyone??
There is my mini to-do list for personal DIY projects. Hopefully I will have some time in the future to actually do them!!