DIY Hip bag

Not too long ago we did a wedding with a photographer that had a super cute fanny pack. I never thought the words cute and fanny pack could be used in the same sentence. As we all know, the fashion trends come back around and I am not shocked that this has come back in style. I am just glad that is not in 80's fashion, but a more modern approach to the "fanny pack" which we can now call a "hip bag." 

The updated Fanny Pack
I wanted one. How convenient! I am more than pleased that pocketed dresses are in style, but that means that we are loaded down in our pockets with phones, timelines, pins, and random items. usually only one of us has pockets so one person is carrying all these objects. It looks kinda silly and is rather bulky. Also, my favorite planning dress does not have pockets. It is my favorite because it is comfy and easy to pump in (the joys of a nursing, working momma!) I wanted a fanny pack! Errrr...a Hip bag! I googled some options and I just could not stomach the $120 price tag, so I thought, "I can make one!" And I did! Here are the supplies I used..

  • Pencil pouch. I found mine at Wal-Mart. Now, here is where you can get creative. I got a plain, black, neoprene pouch. You can get a more fancy one that is more your style. I am creating this to blend in, not stand out. 
  • Chain from Lowe's Home Improvement. Again, I got black, but a gold would be super cute if you are going for the more stylish look!
  • A carabiner (small one)
  • Sewing kit 
 Step 1: Cut a hole the size of the width of the chain into the back of the pencil pouch on the left side. Be careful not to cut through the other side. Repeat on the right

about 1/4" long
 Step 2: sew around the edges of the hole using an overcast stitch

What the holes should look like
 Step 3: Measure the chain to your desired length and cut. Thread the chain through the two holes and attach with the carabiner.

Step 4: Fill and wear!
Here are some must have items for every wedding! 

The finished product - comfy and functional!
I am also going to *hopefully* have DIY Mercury Glass, tank top dress, and headband coming up in the next few weeks! Make sure to come back and check it out!