Big Boys Miss Mommy Too!

Sometimes when it is in the height of wedding season and we are super busy it seems like I never get to see my kiddos! I spend lots of nights and weekends away from the house and it can take its toll on all parties involved. Thank God for the Facetime on the least I can see the kiddos even if I can't touch them! Mason (my three year old) has perfected the sad voice laced with Mommy guilt ...."I miss you...." over the phone. I tell him I miss him too and love him so much! Well the other day, he was sitting on the couch with my husband (I was at a wedding) and their conversation went like this:

Mas: "I miss Mommy"
Dad: "I miss Mommy too!"
Mas: "No you don't! You are a big Boy Daddy and big boys don't do the missing!"
Dad: "Even big boys sometimes miss people"
Mas: "So..... you miss Mommy too??"
Dad: "yep"
Mas: "We both miss Mommy"

That night when I spoke to Mason he very promptly told me that he AND his Dad missed Mommy and that they BOTH loved me very much. Even though it is sometimes hard being away it is genuinely nice to know you are missed! Even when it is laced with Mommy guilt....

His voice sounds like this face!