Put the Centerpiece Down and Nobody Gets Hurt!

Happy almost weekend! I am pretty excited about this upcoming weekend for a couple of reasons! First and foremost....tomorrow is my 10 year anniversary! I can't believe how fast it has gone...all you future brides don't blink or you may just miss it! Also, on Saturday, we are directing a ceremony only and were invited to the reception...we get to eat, drink, and dance as attendees...so excited about it! Enough with the chit chat and on to the post!

It is not uncommon at the end of a wedding for some of the guests to take centerpieces home. This is a really big custom up north....it is the Italian way! However, the end.of.the.night. are the optimum words! We had just finished moving a few tables out of the way so we could expand the dance floor and were redistributing the centerpieces to the appropriate tables. I see a woman scoot across the dance floor and remove the centerpiece from a table I just re-positioned. She then proceeds to place the centerpiece under the table she is sitting at. These are not little centerpieces, mind you, it is a full bouquet of flowers in a 15 inch vase! I look over at Dana and say "did you just see that?!" She said no, so I gave her the low down....It is always a fine line when dealing with wedding guests. They are there as guests of the Bride and Groom, so you can't be overly rude, however we are in charge of the whole event...even the aesthetics. So after our brief conference, I decide I am going to try and get the centerpiece back ....at least until the evening is close to being finished. It went something like this:

Unique Centerpiece using Lime Slices
A little bigger that this...
 Me: Hi, ma'am could I please have the centerpiece back?
Her: What are you talking about?
Me: The centerpiece....the one you just took from that table and stashed under yours.
Her: Why?
Me: We are not finished with this wedding and it is part of the decor'
Her: The Bride said I could have it.
Me: I am sure she meant at the end of the evening...we are at the beginning.
Her: Well you can't have the one under the table...you can have this one (Points to the centerpiece at her table)
Me: Well your table needs a centerpiece as well....
Her: I will put the one from under my table there and you can take this one to the other table, we broke the glass
Me: Fine. ( I take the broken centerpiece and decorate the naked table)

She did put her stolen centerpiece at her table and proceeded to take it home with her at the end of the night. Which is fine! But, while our bride was quite laid back, take note...most would not take kindly to the redecorating in the middle of their event! Wait until the end of the night...then get your OKs and souvenir!