As we literally barely have time to catch our breath - we have to start moving forward with the venue. We chatted with a bank here recently and they seemed rather positive/excited about our venture. We have a ridiculous amount of paperwork to do and we need to start nailing down some numbers! is time to get started on the plans! I am nervous, but so very excited. We are loosely basing the idea on...

We want a more french country look than this - so we are thinking all white brick. This is the front of the house in the original plans, but this is actually going to be the back for us 

This is going to be the front, we like the look of it much better when you drive up! 
That is the outside we want to change the siding and some other architectural details, but for the most part, this is it! For the inside..

Upstairs, the only difference is that above the "garages" one will be a 2 bedroom suite, and the other an office space with a kid room with toys and what not so that they can play while we work!

Floor 2
This is kind of what the suite will look like..

Downstairs - we don't really want to change too much here, other than the garage/ballrooms are going to be much larger than this and all open space. We will have bathrooms in the galleries and the ballrooms will open up to the terrace.

We are more than excited to get started on this next step..we keep getting closer and closer!!