Monday Update! It's Curtains to ...........Curtains!

Welcome to Monday...I know I need another day of weekend! Hope all you Dad's out there had a great day yesterday and felt celebrated and appreciated! This post is an update to Friday's post about the curtains...I know I never showed you a finished product so you can't really appreciate the magnitude of the curtains we were sewing! We will rectify that situation today!
How we spend a Friday night!
We had to roll up the wide pieces so they would fit on the sewing machine!
Thank God the intern isn't afraid of heights! Please marvel here at the vastness of this curtain!
A little scale for ya and a great set up shot! So pretty!
Not related to the curtain but this area was affectionately called the "Grotto" by our bride
Dancing the night away!

Sew much fun (haha)! Seriously though, we had a great time...the bride and groom were great to work with and we were so happy that they were happy with all the plants/curtains/etc!! Now we are trying to see how we can tag along on their honeymoon (a safari trip to Africa!) luck thus far...but they don't leave until Thursday....