Let There be Light(s)!

So this past weekend we did a wedding at the Prestonwood Country Club in Morrisville...it was Gorgeous and so much fun! We actually "attended" the reception and had a blast! (We were only contracted for the ceremony) Will looking around we noticed lots of different, and elaborate, light fixtures and it got me thinking about light fixtures for the ballroom at the venue! Here were some thoughts!

I like this modern take on a classic Chandelier...the black gives it more of an edge.

Love something like this....Not too modern but definitely romantic!
So pretty and whimsical!
I really like the understated elegance of this one

I feel like there are sooooo many options and it seems like a big decision! We want it to "go" with as many design schemes as possible...so it can't swing to widely one way of the other!What are your thoughts on this pressing issue?!