As our first wave of weddings has passed, I started thinking about how much smoother this season was than last. Yes, I do think we get better and better every year, but this year we had/have 2 great interns! 1 is interning for a class and the other we are training to one day start doing our day of services. We would love to hire these girls. They are smart, hard working, and can take direction (and sometimes my grumbling) rather well. But, this is all we have..

This is exactly what we can offer! 
The tragedy of owning a small business. We NEED someone else. I can not get the tedious business stuff done that needs to happen on a daily and weekly basis like balancing our accounts, filing, cleaning glassware, chalkboards, and other items we used the weekend before, and scheduling meetings with vendors and clients. I get the work done that is pressing (mostly dealing with my brides, they are my number 1 priority), but everything else seems to fall to the wayside. Then, when I NEED to balance the accounts, it is just frustrating because I am looking at something from months ago and for the life of me can not remember what this or that was for. It takes lots of digging for receipts and calling Courtney on an hourly basis to figure it all out.

We have been spoiled. This summer our intern has done an immense amount of work getting our glassware organized, cleaned, inventoried, and is even updating our advertising sites! She is working on a focus group to present some venue ideas to and has worked hard at all the weddings this summer. I wish we could hire her at the end of this because  another hand would be glorious! However, we can not afford it. We are doing well, don't get me wrong. But we are hoarding all excess cash (meaning we don't even take a paycheck!!) to funnel to the venue. We just are not in a position to hire. That being said, I hope that in exactly 1.5 years we will be singing a different tune! 

Thanks to the ladies who have worked so hard this summer - We will miss you in the fall!