Finally..a bathing suit!

Let me start off by saying that I hate every single swimsuit model but secretly wish that I had their bodies. It is not even about being skinny or thin - but I want an unblemished, free of stretch mark belly.

One: This is not me and Two: I love this saying, it is very true - every mark was worth it - but I still don't have to like them!

I have always worn 2 pieces and never wore a one piece (unless I was swimming in a meet). I liked one pieces, but being tall, I always looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame trying to get a one piece to fit me. So after Ms. Ada graced us and I had a few marks to show, I bought my first tankini. It was fine, I felt good in it, but good gracious it is hot! On the beach it feels like you are wearing a shirt! This summer, I went on the search for a two piece that was modest (I mean I am not 18 and I don't need to be baring it all to the world) but cute, and maybe even sexy for the hubs. I scoured the internet and came back to the first place I went..J.Crew.

I convinced the hubs that, yes, this is WORTH the $100. Suck it up....pretty please?!?! (I will admit that I made some promises for that night with a little batting of the eyelashes) And he said Yes, okay, you deserve it. So I got my first "mom," but oh so cute two piece! 
This is the one I got! 
I was a little nervous about it- I mean these models are tiny and anything is going to look good on them. will bigger bottoms just make my butt look that much bigger?? I was pleasantly surprised! The ruching was in all the right places and it made me actually look a lot skinnier! The hubs was happy and therefore, so was I! Here are a few others that inspired me..

Love this!

Another J.Crew one and I was stuck between this and the one I got.  This one is on backorder until August!!

Kinda like the one I got..
Can't wait to strut my stuff on our anniversary this weekend!! Any one have any great bathing suit finds this summer?