DIY Pew Marker Bouquets

This past weekend we did the florals for one of our full plan brides. She didn't really have anything specific that she wanted - she wanted it to be romantic yet simple. Her colors were sangria and green - so we decided for all white flowers with some pops of green. When we got our flowers, the hanging amaranthus that we thought was going to be green, was actually a sangria color - so it changed our plans a bit, but I think it actually turned out better in the end!

What you will need:

  • Baby's Breath
  • Had some leftover pink gypsophila from our Saturday wedding which worked out great - if we didn't have it, we would have used the other bunch of baby's breath
  • 1 bunch of roses ~25 roses
  • 1 bunch of tea roses ~25 roses
  • Buds of another flower - we used dahlia buds because we had them, hypericum berries is another great option
  • hanging amaranthus
  • floral tape
  • ribbon in your color choice
  • hat pins

Gather your babies breath - 1 pack should do all 10 if you are using another background flower, if not , I would use 2 bunches. You want to make it look wispy - but contained

Add 1 or 2 big roses

Add 2-3 tea roses

Add the buds

Add the hanging amaranthus - you have to play with this to get it to hang right. I stripped it  of it's leaves and attached it in the middle of the part where it starts to hang

Tape it together - hold it upside down - it is much easier! 
Cut to desired length

Here it is ready to be wrapped with ribbon!

The final product. We attached them to chairs with hat pins. If you are using the white wooden folding chairs, you can just tie them on - but we did not have them, so we pinned them on!

It looked really dynamic with ten little bouquets - just the right amount of simple romance! 

Happy Friday everyone - hope you all have a great Friday!