DIY Friday - Curtains!

Happy Friday! Hope you have big weekend plans! We have a wedding at Bay 7 in Durham this coming Saturday that we are directing and designing! One of the design elements we have incorporated are curtains...both as the ceremony backdrop and as a space divider. Well we were given the fabric and commissioned to sew the curtains! While I don't have a finished product picture (Will snap one this weekend for you) I do have a few progress pictures....taken by me and from Mason's perspective!

The Tools for measuring! What you can't see it the 30 foot of floor space used to spread these out!
I Enlisted the help from the hubby to measure out 18 foot sections
Gathering up our cut fabric!
Mason's Perspective of "Mommy Sewing"

An Artsy shot by Mason!
Finished product and a few design/set-up shots will be revealed on Monday! Happy weekend!