Wedding Cupcakes...Part 2

I know you have anxiously been awaiting this post for the past week...So here I am, to put your minds at eases and answer all those nagging questions about what happened next!

High Anxiety!

So the next day, we had another wedding to direct and wouldn't you know it...there were cupcakes again! I thought for sure that what happened the previous night was just a fluke and certainly would not replay itself at this event, after all, we have done many event with cupcakes and have never had an issue! Elle was feeling a bit anxious when she saw the beautiful display, but we assured her that last night was just an anomaly! So the reception was in full swing and dinner service was coming to an end and I happen to walk by the cupcakes (it was on the way to the kitchen) and saw that a couple were missing!! I couldn't believe it! How could this be happening again! I told Elle, I knew she had a passion for these things, and we decided that the best thing for her to as not to repeat the fiasco from the night before...was to stand guard near the cupcakes.

We Needed one of these!
Elle was manning her post when a guest from the table directly in front of the cupcake table walked up to grab a cupcake. Elle informed the guest that these would be available right after the cake cutting ceremony. Normally this would be the end of the exchange...people are attending as a guest of the Bride/Groom and would naturally want to honor the wishes of the couple with their etiquette but this was not the case here! The man looked at Elle, smiled, and grabbed a cupcake anyways!! He then went back to his table and apparently relayed the story to his fellow guests and the table erupted in laughter. This was more than Elle could take! She stomped over to Dana and I and told us her woes...she was all sorts of angry and speaking a bit fast. The DJ overheard and then proceeded to make an announcement to save the cupcakes!

The announcement worked and no re-run was played out at this event...but consider this a cautionary tale all you brides out there who are considering cupcakes and counting on your guests etiquette to get your event to the actual cake-cutting stage cupcake stand intact...a sign may be necessary...signed by you...and notarized! These aren't the guest of 2011...we are dealing with a new animal in 2012!