Wedding Cupcakes

A trend lately in wedding decor is doing a tiered cupcake stand as opposed to a wedding cake. It is a bit cost saving, both in the rentals and actual cake cost, and can really be cute too! They look something like this...


Or this....

We have never really had an issue with people waiting until the "cupcake cutting ceremony" to devour the beautiful display until...this year! It seems like common knowledge to wait until the bride and groom do the customary cutting before grabbing a goody off of the wedding cake shaped display..especially when there is not another wedding cake near by! If you plan on doing cupcakes at your event consider this a warning tale about what could happen....

It is really Ellie's story, our intern, as she was about to go into cardiac arrest over the cupcake thievery going on at these weddings...she was standing by the stand at the first wedding that weekend and a few of the Bride's Aunts came over and took a few of the cupcakes back to their their defense they were from Korea...literally...and may not have a cake cutting tradition over there. Well, this started a small run on the cupcakes...and, we will call him the glasses guy, came over and grabbed one too! I asked the bride if she wanted me to stop the guests from taking more...or if she wanted to hurry up and do the cake cutting thing...she said she didn't mind if people took the cupcakes as she overbought and there were more in the back.....fair enough..Within literally 2 minutes ALL of the cupcakes were taken! I was freaking out, as was Ellie, because this was not going to make for very pretty pictures! The glasses guy came back for another...and I told him that he was partly responsible for this catastrophe...and if he wanted another cupcake he was going to have to earn it by guarding the stand from other "would be thieves" so I could refill and get that photo taken! After all, I informed him, he was a catalyst in this cupcake mess.....the convo went like this

GG - "Me?!"
me -Yes were one of the first and started a trend
GG-What about that table of elderly Korean women over there....
me- They are from Korea, you are clearly from the unites states, and I expect you know about the cake cutting traditions of our country
GG- Fair enough, what do I have to do

So I started placing more cupcakes out on the stand while GG had my back and fended off any unwanted intruders/would be cupcake one point he quickly ran to a snatcher and said "those are for after the ceremony" The lady stared at him a bit startled....I told him "way to attack a wedding guest!" to which he replied..."she is not too upset as she is still stalking the cupcakes!"

All the while, Ellie is ringing her hands and shaking her head....turning various shade of purple and read...mumbling about what she would do if this were her wedding! She talked about it all the way home! We did manage to keep the second batch on the stand and moved up the cake cutting ceremony so there would be a few cupcakes in the shot...although it was not nearly as full!

I just realized how long this post I will save the second half for next week...It is like one of those annoying sequel novels....they pull you in with the first book only to leave you with a big TO BE are so angered you don't want to pick up the next one but you have are already is a trick I say....All if that to say...TBC!