Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy day after Mother's Day! I hope all you Mothers out there got sufficiently spoiled yesterday! All I have to say is that any day that starts out with a Mimosa (and a toddler) in bed can't be all bad!

Thanks Hubby!
(I was trying to tell the hubby thanks for breakfast and Mason (my 3 year old) kept saying your welcome....he then added I did the flipping mommy!)

On a serious note; I think there is nothing more important in life than the raising of my children. As important as my business, blog, and dreams are to me, it pales in comparison to making sure I am the best parent I can be. Dana actually wrote a good post on her personal blog about being a parent and all the insecurities that goes along with it...I believe it was spawned by a ranting on facebook that she found irritating...you can read it here...

I love it that we have a day (we need more) a year that celebrates and acknowledges how difficult and also how important it is to be a mother!