DIY Floral Centerpiece

Happy DIY Friday! We will be enjoying our last weekend before wedding palooza! Starting next weekend we have 4 weddings in 8 days! Yikes! However, today, we are posting that much anticipated, I am sure, floral DIY post mentioned here! It was a fun project, a bit intimidating at the onset but great once we got started! So here we go....

One tall pedestal style vase
4 hydrangeas (we sprayed our purple, but any color scheme will do)
5 stems of Alstromeria
5 Carnations (roses would be pretty too!)
3 stems of Baby's Breath
3 Stems of Stock
A very large SUV to transport these babies!

Add the water to the vase (you will not be able to after you arrange!)

Start with the Hydrangeas (These create the "base" of the arrangement)

All hydrangeas added - check!

Then add 3 stems of the Alstromeria

Keep the stems long!

Alstromeria added - check!

Lots to arrange!

Getting the Carnations and Baby's Breath ready

Fill in the empty areas between the Hydrangeas and Alstromeria with Baby's Breath

No more empty spots!

Then I added in 3 stems of stock - This was so beautiful!

I left one stem a bit higher than the others to make the top of the arrangement

In between the Baby's Breath and the Hydrangea I added the Carnations.

Adding the remaining Alstromeria to finish of the centerpiece

The last two Alstromeria and the Stock make a stair step of sorts on the top of the centerpiece

All finished! Notice how the Alstromeria is the highest point and gives it a more asymmetrical look.

The Aftermath!

In the same color scheme we made a bouquet for the bride!

A Bridesmaid's Bouquet

All finished! (Notice how dark it is!)

These lovelies are not easy to transport! We basically emptied out Dana's Linen closet to get enough "cushion" in between each of the arrangements! Make sure you allow for ample time to package and transport these things!