Ugh -so here we are on the climb. And No - I am not inspired by the Miley Cyrus song "the climb."

Really? You are what, 5? How can you be talking about the "climb?" You have barely walked
Anytime we excitedly tell our plan, everyone is genuinely excited. And they always says something to the effect of "what an exciting journey!!" I smile and nod and say, yes - we are very excited. Truth be told I am just impatient! I don't want to savor the memories of trying to get financing, or sitting in a SCORE meeting telling me that my sister is going to take me for all that I don't have if we don't sign a partnership agreement. I also don't want to relish in the memories of people telling me that we should do it this way, or that way, or this idea is a bad one, or my favorite comment - "Have you thought of..." More than likely the answer is no - I have NOT thought of the probably-never-gonna-happen case that some bride is going to want roaming peacocks and how I am going to contain them in the terrace. 

I want to be there - I want to be on the OTHER SIDE! Hah Miley- take that! I want to move mountains, I want to fight the battles, and I want to get there fast. I don't want to "enjoy" the climb. I am tired of waiting! I am tired of the unknown because that is really what it is. When we started this project we had a plan A, a Plan B, and a Plan C. I swear we are on Plan X. There are so many different ways of going about this project and so many different avenues and the truth is we don't know the best one. Every time we come up with a new one, we think it is the best option - then a week later one of our ever roaming minds thinks of another one. It is exhausting and I think our husbands are going to have a coronary before this year is out. 

All I can hear in the back of my mind is mother saying "baby steps, Dana, you will get there eventually.." 

There are sooo many steps that I just want to take one giant leap and land on our venue. I want to be out of our house (much like band-aid I just want to quickly get it sold and moved out before I can think about how much I don't really want to leave this home I love), I want to be in our cottage, and I want the venue to be open. I want to HIRE employees and start seeing some tangible fruits of our labor. 

The thing is  - we have to climb. One agonizing step at a time. We don't have the power (really the money) to just wave a wand and be at the next stage. It is slow, it is painfully slow, but it is moving. And I just want to sit and pout in the corner for not getting my way.

Much like my 2 year old
Then I have a great business partner (who will not take me for all that I don't have) bring me down from the clouds and encourage me that yes, it is the climb that sucks, but it is also how we got the business we are currently in and could we imagine not going through everything we went through? We would not be nearly as successful, knowledgeable, or good at what we do. Did she cross over to the Miley side?? As much as I hate to admit it - she is right - but I am still going to not savor the climb. I will only just tolerate it.