Carriage House Inspiration - Kid's Room!

When we move into the carriage house (after selling the house and building it of course) the kiddos will be sharing a room. We already discussed how we are going to use the eaves to build the kids beds into the wall, freeing up some premium floor realestate...but if you need a reminder....

Love this!
Because I have a girl and a boy....both of which are toddlers....yes I am a bit worried about the sharing prospect too...but ...sacrifice...dream...yadda yadda....I am going with a generic "Forest" theme. Mikhail wants to make Mason's bed opening like a tent and Nora's like a cottage placed in the woods. I think it will be cute and away to incorporate something boyish and girly in the same room.

Something like this for Nora, but the bed facing lengthwise in the wall
Something inspired by this for Mason
Absolutely love this! Would even love the tree!

Love the leaf ---Dana has these, maybe I can steal them for my "theme" room

Love this Forest fabric...not to girly but cute!
Or this!
I am super excited (yes this is still Courtney...and yes I did say Super!) about designing their room. I can imagine them up there playing together...probably climbing the tree....and I think they will love it!