Wedding Season!

We have been welcomed back from our whirlwind trip to Florida by wedding season! Oh my goodness this week is CRAZY! We have so many meetings, and two weddings this weekend, that it seems like I am constantly in my car or a Panera Bread.

This is how I feel..
Except it really should be "I should Facebook about this." I am so overwhelmed that I can't even motivate myself to get started on anything not related to the immediate needs of our weddings this weekend. Besides having a laundry list of C and D things to do, my house is a disaster! Leaving the hubs home to his own devices for 5 days does not make for a clean house. So..our business lesson this week is a How we "Survive Wedding Season."

1. Make LOTS of lists..
Oh how I wish this was the case! 
2. Make sure you have your bridal and reception emergency kits up to date. There is nothing more annoying than not having a lighter/scissors and having to buy a $10 version of these items at the last minute.

3. Use your handy dandy iPhone to respond quickly and promptly to brides freaking out about table linens and what-not to assure them that the crisis will be averted. 
LOVE this thing! How did I live without one for so long?!?
And last..but definitely not the least important..

4. Make sure to thank the Hubs for spending LOTS of time with the kiddos
However you like to thank the man in your life who supports your dreams!
 Here it goes - 12 weddings in roughly 10 weeks! EEK!