Let there be lights!

Sooo.... A few years ago, Dana and I were doing a day of service for a wedding at Bay 7 on the Tobacco Campus in Durham. In addition to all the other vendors she had hired a lighting guy to pinspot all of the centerpieces and upwash the columns in amber. Dana and I discussed it and had a few thoughts: that seems strange, wonder how much that cost,  and it seemed a bit fluffy and nonessential to the wedding as a whole!

Boy were we wrong! That place looked awesome! The lighting made all the difference and hilighted many of the key aspect of the decor! It was beautiful and ever since then, when the budget allows it, recommend lighting to our clients to take their ideas to a whole 'nother level. Here are a few things that you can do when lighting your special event!

Hilighted Centerpieces

Event Lighting with Paper Lanterns
Lighted paper lanterns!
Add a little drama with the up lights!

LOVE the market lights!