Inspirational Monday!

This is going to be a "stream of consciousness" post on what inspires me just fair warning! If you would like to stop reading now, I will not be offended!

One thing that really inspires me is when I see businesses/people who have a dream or an idea and turn that dream/idea into something really successful. Like, you read about them or see them and know that they are truly living an authentic life...doing exactly what they always envisioned themselves doing. It is inspiring....and mind boggling to me all at the same time. Now Dana and I are definitely doing what we have always "dreamed" of per se....but some of these people after only a couple of years are wildly successful and supporting not only their families on their idea/company but like their second cousins as well. So I wonder...what is it that takes these people to the next it some type of personal drive or charisma that gets others on board with their idea....Is it that they are just that good at what they do...have they cornered the market on some desirable item/idea???

Now I don't believe that success always = money. In fact, ask any of my friends, I would be happy "living of the land", sewing my clothes, and bartering in wood chips as opposed to having millions...I know that sounds crazy but it is really how I feel! I have always wanted to live on a commune...there is documented proof of this! What I do want is success...I want to know that my hard work is recognized and appreciated by more than just my partners and close personal friends...I want to know how to take C and D to the next level, to know that we are doing what we love AND can support our family with allow our husbands to chase after their dreams because our dreams are at a sustainable place and can help support theirs.

What is it...What is that magic thing that propels people and ideas to the next level??? I know part of it is time and paying your dues and every journey began with a step...etc..etc...I know we are on a journey and have definitely made progress...we are fairly busy with 20 - 30 weddings a year and building a venue on a limited income. I can see success in the future...and where all of this is looks like the life I always wanted to live...but sometimes I still think we need that magic something to really push us into orbit!

Ok... Enough of my mindless, shapeless thoughts! What are your thoughts on this topic (if it can be called that)? What do you think it takes? What is that magic pill?