House For Sale!

Yes, my blog world friends, Finally!! The house is on the market! It seemed it would never happen....every week it was going to happen the next week and now the "next week" is finally here! I would like to thank the academy  (Cue award music here) my husband! He has single handedly finished this upstairs! Overseeing it from the framing stage (doing some framing himself), installing the electrical, interviewing 1,000 plumbers, doing some plumbing himself, finding a drywaller to actually come out to the house, calling in inspections, painting all 1337 square feet of it, trimming it out, tiling the bathroom, making a vanity, and finding a carpet installer. All of this was done while watching our two children who are at those easy ages of 3 and 1! Hat's off to you honey! You did it!

The front of our low country
While our bank account will be happy to have this house out from under us, it is a little sad seeing all of your visions for your home come true only to turn around and hand it off to another family. I know another family will love it and care for it probably better than we have but there is a little tinge of sadness leaving the home you brought your children home from the hospital to. Dreams aren't without sacrifice!

The GINORMOUS bonus...everyone with toddlers needs an empty room to run around in!
Down to the business end of this post.....WE HAVE A HOUSE FOR SALE!! Any takers???

The Back yard
Our Family Room