DIY: Wedding Centerpieces

So this seems like a no brainer, but we see so many rookie mistakes from a bride that does her own centerpieces.

Mistake number 1: Going too simple.

I love Callas and they can really look dynamic, but here, on a typical 60" (5ft) wedding table, with no place settings, it is much too sparse. It looks undone, and not finished, like swiper (insert nerdy momma joke know swiper from Dora who keeps taking things...) came by and took the rest of the decor for the wedding. Here is a fix to that problem..

Pick your focal point. In the first picture, it was the callas in water. Add some bud vases around it. They will cost you roughly 2-3 a vase, but make such a difference! In the above picture we did a trio of flowers in water with bud vases in the nooks where they joined. Here, the bud vases look like a part of the focal point. 

If you want a more spread out look, you can put them around the focal point and then put tea lights in between. It is hard to see the tealight holders here because they are clear, but this table had 4 bud vases and 4 holders in an alternating pattern. It was very dynamic.

Another example of some added bud vases..We contracted a florist for the topiary and added the bud vases ourselves to save the bride a little bit of money.

Candles make a great focal point! They are beautiful and very easy. Make sue to add a pop of color with some bud vases - it will make all the difference!

So, Simple is good - we love simple. But make it look finished and dynamic enough for a large table. The first example would have been perfect with banquet style seating and having 2 or 3 down the middle. Not the best for such a large round table. 

Mistake number 2: Not being mindful of the space

We saw somethign similar to this on a cocktail table! Yes, it took the entire table and it could not be used for what it was rented for...cocktails! Here is a great and simple cocktail idea.

With cocktail centerpieces you want to keep them low. The purpose of these tables are for conversations and  for people to gather around and hang out. If you have an obnoxious centerpiece, it will just deter your guests from going near the table. 

And last but not least, number 3: Keeping it generic. I don't have a "bad" picture for you, but I LOVE it when a centerpiece is meaningful to the couple. Example:

The bride loved blue hydrangea and the couple was crazy about some mario. We incorporated both into a unique and fun centerpiece. 


This couple was super nerdy..but in a good way! He was an astrophysicist and she was a doctoral candidate for biogenetics. They loved books and math! Their table numbers were various math symbols and they had books as the focal point for their centerpiece. Love it! 

There you have it - a DIY on how to make a fantastic table centerpiece! Any ideas you have seen recently and just loved?!?! Share them here! Inspire someone!