Happy Monday! It is tired Monday over here! We had two weddings this weekend and so we are exhausted! The Saturday wedding was Korean/Pakistani and the Sunday wedding was a Mexican/American wedding. Both were so much fun! I decided that other cultures really know how to celebrate...it seems like we lost that somewhere with the pilgrims floating over here ...and meanwhile other cultures cornered the market on partying!

On our Saturday wedding, all of the matriarchs of the families were dressed in their traditional ceremonial attire and looked so gorgeous! It made for the most beautiful photos. They don't let that fancy attire stop them though because they danced right up until the end of the night...and by they I mean EVERYBODY. It was a 130 person wedding and their were like 120 left for the sparkler send off. It made me think...why didn't I marry a Pakistani...if only for the partying!

What all the Aunts were wearing from the Korean side

Pakistani Side

On Sunday we had another dancing/partying crowd as well. We cleared the dance floor after dinner and it was on! One neat tradition they have is the dollar dance....and it should really be called the 20 - 100 dollar dance. They actually pin the money on the dress with safety pins and then dance a few seconds with the bride and groom. Boy did they make out! They could have paid for that whole wedding with that one dance (probably not...but there were several 100 dollar bills pinned to each of them) The DJ (Ross with just music) kept the party going and ended the night with several Mexican songs. Those people could have danced until 2 am if he just kept the music going! Thank goodness we had to be out of there by 11!

Something like this.....

All in all it was a fun weekend and we learned that we were born into the wrong culture! It was truly inspiring though and fun to be a part of, if only for the night!