Carriage House Inspiration

On Friday we met a new contractor out at the land to get yet another bid on these carriage houses. We need him to actually make a rather high bid to show the bank that it has more value than the measly amount we are asking for. The bank knows we are putting in some sweat equity and was perfectly fine with it all, but they just want to see that it is worth more. Fine by us! The more equity, the better in the end for the big project.

We have not yet shared our inspiration for these carriage houses. Here is what we based the outside on:


It is surprisingly pretty close to this. Out roofing is a lot more simple and the windows are not as nice, but this is a pretty close rendition of the houses.

Here is roughly what the downstairs will look like: 

We moved the bathroom to under the stairs and made a small mud room where the bathroom currently is. We also took out the bar and put in an island and french doors that lead to the outside. 

We actually changed a lot up here. We made the bathroom much bigger with a shower and a tub and a bigger master closet. The kid's room will have beds built in to the walls along with built in dressers! 

There it is..our inspiration for our new homes! Now it is time to get these things built!! And then comes my favorite part...organizing! Oh the possibilities...Anyone have any good organization ideas for small spaces? We would love to hear them!!