Birthday Par-tay!

You would think that since we plan weddings and parties all the time that by the time we get to our own children's birthdays we would either go all out or not at all. Well seeing how there is a 50/50 chance, we are split right down the middle. I, Dana, LOVE to throw parties and I really love to throw a great b-day party for my baby girl (and next year I will have 2 to throw!) I knew Henry was going to be about a month old when Ada turned 2, so I started planning and purchasing items for her party back in July. 1 - it spreads the cost out so the hubs really has no idea how much it actually cost and 2- all I had to do was execute all the plans and not stress over the favor bags, food, etc the week of the party. Courtney, on the other hand, does not like to throw parties. She does the quick, have a few friends, no formal invite, kind of party. To each their own right? To be fair, it is a hectic 5 months for us all. Mason's B-day is October, then there is Thanksgiving, then Nora's B-day, then Christmas, then New Years, then Henry's birthday (new addition this year), then Ada's Birthday. So we are always celebrating over here and add weddings on top - it gets a little hectic!

Total side note: it is slightly ironic that I am the one that throws the party because Courtney's kiddos are sooo social and LOVE parties. Ada however does not. In fact, she is petrified of the Happy Birthday song. We did not sing it this year and will maybe try next year.

This year I picked a Sesame Street theme for Ms. Ada. She LOVES Sesame Street. I thought she loved Elmo the most, but Abby and Super Grover are kind of high on her list as well. I found some inspiration via Pinterest and Annie's Eats.

Here is her invite - So I am super cheap and did not want to pay for someone to make mine and I could not find anything that was good enough, so I made it on publisher. I actually ordered these the same time I ordered the baby shower invites. I had a coupon from for 60% off. I got both sets of invites, stamped and addressed AND shipped for $15!! A steal I tell ya!

This obviously had RSVP info and my address on it - but we don't need to share that with the world  :)
Prior to the party, Ada and I made Thank you cards for all the guests, I wrote Thank you for coming and celebrating and she colored it and put on stickers. We decided to donate all her gifts this year (we do every year since her bday is so close to Christmas. We donated to Ronald McDonald House in Durham this year. So we wanted to Thank everyone for coming and for donating!).

Doing some coloring!
Here are some decor pictures:

Birthday Banner I made Ada. This will be a future DIY when I make Henry's! 

Each year I put the theme on the back - last year was ladybug's.

favor bags for the kiddos - they had sesame street coloring books, crayons, sesame street tattoos, beaded necklaces, fun sunglasses, and a party horn. All items were purchased at the dollar store.

Fireplace Garland. The party was brought to you by the letter A and the number 2!
Party Table

I got all the characters - minus Elmo from craigslist! 

Elmo loves his goldfish!

I made signs to explain the food choices incorporating the characters. We tried to stick to as many self-serve  items with throw away cups as possible

Yes I made these, and No they were not  the easiest thing to make for someone who has never used  tips and bags for icing. But I think they turned out quite well!

Jucice boxes and Abby's Magic Fruit wands!

another cupcake shot and big bird's bird seed aka trail mix

Cookies! They had not arrived yet - that was Courtney's job :)
People enjoying the party:

We made party hats! I used this template here, I had them cut out and  ready to decorate with ribbon already attached. I made each kid a separate baggie with 4-5 markers, 2 sheets of stickers and a pom for the top. The kids loved them!

Party Horns

Deciding what cupcake she wants

One happy birthday girl!

Me and My favorite baby girl! 
I loved this party! Sam made a special brew just for the event and everyone seemed to have a great time. Ada did surprisingly well and talked about her party for weeks and all the "friends that came over." And because I am so crazy (according to Courtney) I already have Henry's 1 year party theme picked out and Ada's as well. I just can't help myself, it is a sickness! 

Any great birthday parties you have attended or thrown lately? Share your ideas here!