Working on the List!

If you will remember this list:

1. Get Property Re-zoned       
2. Purchase rezoned Property  
3. Install a Deer Fence....this was mandated by the appearance commision.          
4. Start Plantings....Very important to do this ASAP for the look we are going for
5. Court sells her house
6. Purchase adjacent lot and get construction loan
7. Build Cottages (yes we want to build them at the same time.....crazy I know....)
8. Dana sells her house
9. Refinance Cottage on main venue property
10. Figure out how to finance the Venue
11. Start Venue Construction
12. Have one kick-ass party (I know I just swore...but that is what it will be!)

from a previous post. We are currently working on item number 5....Court selling her house. This seems simple enough...clean up your junk, stage, and list! However, in the not-so-simple mantra my life seems to take, our list went something like this: finish 1400 square feet, clean up your junk, stage, and list.

We had/have about 1400 square feet of unfinished space that we have been meaning to finish over the past...I don't know...five years or so. Well, when we realized that we were going to have to sell to achieve the next step in the "master plan" we were kind of caught with our pants to speak. We needed to hurry up and finish that square footage so we can sell the house and make a few bucks! So my husband and I (mostly him) have been scrambling trying to get this done to hit the Spring selling season! Well, friends, the end is near, there is light at the end of the tunnel..etc, etc... The drywall is in and this weekend we are having a work-on-the-house extravaganza! We have coerced invited friends, family, and acquaintances to come over to la casa and paint, trim, and pack up.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend we will be ready to list!

Maybe something a little more muted...

What does your weekend look like? Anyone have any good painting/packing/trimming tips out there in the blogosphere?? Please share!