We Rose to the Challenge

Katie over at Bower Power invented this pinterest challenge about a year ago to challenge all of us pinterest addicts to stop pinning and start doing. The rules of the challenge are pretty simple...you pick something from pinterest that inspired you and do your own version of that pinned greatness! You do need to link back to the original "pin" and the original creator if at all possible!

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I decided to make one of those cute knitted mug cozies I have seen on pinterest and on a few Etsy shops.
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I started out with a size 8 needle and some left over chunky, cotton, apple green yarn. I did use circular needles because that is what I had, regular needles would be more appropriate if you have those! I cast on 16 stitches and worked in a seed stitch pattern for a more interesting texture.

Seed stich is a knit and purl pattern. You alternate between a knit and a purl stitch on every row. If you started with a knit stitch the previous row, you will start with a purl stitch on the following. That is what gives the stitches that "bumpy" texture. Ok...enough with the technicalities, if you would like a good tutorial go to the "for dummies" website here.

My "tools"
 I continued the seed stitch pattern until my piece was about 10 inches long. I then started to decrease my stitches to make the pointed/tapered end. I also added a button hole so I can close my cozy around my mug/cup. To make a button hole, read a tutorial here. I continued  to taper my end by knitting the first two stitches together of every row until I was left with three stitches on my needle and then bound those off. I used a crochet needle to tie up my loose ends and the knitting portion of my project was done!

I really loved the look of the wooden button but did not have one at the house...so I asked the hubby to make me one in his wood shop. He cut a square piece of wood and then used his grinder to make it round and the right size! He used his drill to add two holes in the middle...I knew there was a reason I married that guy....

All stretched out!
Folded up

Overall it was a fun project and one that could be done while watching TV with the hubs...all in all I think it took about 3 hours....I love instant gratification! (My last cable knit scarf took 1.5 years to make!...seriously...)

Keeping my coffee warmer!
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