Venue To-Do List

For today's Venue Progress update I thought I would share our venue to-do list. We have quite a few items on the list before we are an official I thought I would take a look at our progress thus know sort of motivational or what-not.

One day....

1. Get Property Re-zoned       
2. Purchase rezoned Property  
3. Install a Deer Fence....this was mandated by the appearance commision.         
4. Start Plantings....Very important to do this ASAP for the look we are going for
5. Court sells her house
6. Purchase adjacent lot and get construction loan
7. Build Cottages (yes we want to build them at the same time.....crazy I know....)
8. Dana sells her house
9. Refinance Cottage on main venue property
10. Figure out how to finance the Venue
11. Start Venue Construction
12. Have one kick-ass party (I know I just swore...but that is what it will be!)

So as you can see it is not too much to do....I know there are a few details missing but these are the main ideas....And by the looks of it we are 17% finished (That is 2/12 for all you Language Arts type of people) Not too shabby.....