Thank God for Sisters!

Happy Monday....over here it is SORE Monday...We (Me, Dana, Sam, and Mikhail) worked all weekend at our house! We cleaned out every closet and cabinet...organized the laundry room and kid's toys...purged, donated, trashed...for hours on Saturday! Then on Sunday we cleaned every baseboard and washed all 1,000,000 square feet of hardwoods in my house by hand! My back is hating me right now!

She looks way too happy....

The Boys primed the whole upstairs (~1400 sq ft) and started on the trim. We hope to get this baby on the market by next week (Hopefully Monday) so I know there is still some work to do to get there! But...we got a HUGE chunk of it done thanks to our volunteers! Sometimes I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Dana in my life pushing me forward....everyone needs one of those in their lives....yes, they are semi-crazy and a bit fanatical but these types of people really get things done!

I don't have any pics of some pics of the kids will have to do!

Exciting times! I can't wait until the work is done and this baby is finally on the market! Then we can get started on the next leg of this journey!