Suparna and Alan: Duke Gardens

I loved this wedding! I met Suparna and Alan last March and instantly fell in love with them! She is super hip and he is seriously hilarious. He is really probably the funniest person I had ever met. And they were just so cute together! They could play off of each other's words and they just had so much love- it was evident. She lived in Houston, so she really needed someone to get the wedding together and do all the detail things that she was not able to do. They booked us right on the spot. I was so very excited!! 

Suparna gave lots of ideas and inspiration for what she wanted for her wedding and we made it happen. They were having another reception in Houston that was a traditional Indian ceremony and this one was meant to be more of an american wedding but she still wanted some Indian touches to it. We had some traditional Indian pieces to the ceremony and we had a soda bar complete with their favorite Izze and Stewart flavors as well as an assorment of sodas from India. It was such a hit! We had chalkboards for every table with fun little sayings on them. My house looked like it exploded Suparna's wedding. We had everything, down to the straws for the soda bar. It was such a fun wedding and I was so very sad to say goodbye!

Pew Markers

Love them!

She loved Disney Movies - specifically the little mermaid and this is a quote from the movie. This was on the soda bar that also had bubbles for the kiddos.

Table setting

All set up 

Escort display made by yours truly! 

The table names were all the places they had been together!

Head Table 


hanging masons - LOVE these!


Cocktail tables

Loved these flowers!

Head table flowers

Candles on the head table

Menu card designed by us!

I am so glad I was able to be a part of their big day! Thanks Suparna and Alan for such a great time!

Venue: Duke Gardens
Photographer: Loebach Studios
Cake: Guglhupf
Cupcakes: Gigi's cupcakes
Popsicles: locopops