Monday Inspiration: Simple, Elegant, with a Twist of Modern

We are working on centerpiece ideas for a wedding coming up Memorial Day weekend. She is a GREAT bride to work with, everything I look for in a client! Laid back, decisive, and appreciative..."I wish they all could be like my May bride" (Ala Beach Boys)...Anyhow, enough corniness...We were discussing her style and she showed us what her dress looked like. That was all we needed! That dress was simple, yet elegant, with a really modern cut....we picked out centerpieces accordingly! Without further ado, here are some of our ideas...(With some Pinterest help)

These two go together - we have 3 varying sized vases with candles and floating flowers in bud vases surrounding

SImple, pretty centerpiece

simple white hydrangea centerpiece
An Option for the banquet tables
Hydrangeas in a Sangria color with candles in between 
Loved this as a centerpiece for the round tables
indoor garden
Love this idea for the rounds!
Loved this for the banquet seating - so fresh!

Which ones do you like? She has not let us know her preference yet! maybe your votes can sway her opinion! Happy Monday!